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This chapter describes the basic concepts of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) billing. See "About Corrective Billing" for information on generating new bills based on corrections performed against a past billed period.

Billing Cycles

Billing cycles consist of a billing DOM and a billing frequency: The billing DOM specifies the date on which BRM finalizes a bill and requests payment from the customer. The billing DOM is determined by the bill unit's billing segment, the DOM of the account's other bill units, the default setting in the Connection Manager (CM) configuration file, or the current date. For information, see "How BRM Sets the Billing DOM". The billing frequency specifies how often to finalize a bill and request payments from customers. The billing cycle length is any whole multiple of the accounting cycle. For example, a monthly billing cycle corresponds to one accounting cycle, and a quarterly billing cycle corresponds to three accounting cycles. To change the default billing cycle length, see "Setting the Default Billing-Cycle Length".